Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Rubbish: Hotties in this Elections

I fully backed Bucky Ng comment.

In this new environment we cannot control what is put out but we can choose how to respond. I hope Bucky Ng gets many more likes. Ditto some of the stupid articles from ST just to attract eye balls. 

I agree with LKY that elections must be thoughtful and serious. No theater please. Go entertain yourself at other countries expense. Sure there can be comic communication but always there is an underlying serious message. Don't even begin to think about drifting toward what the Filipinos are doing. 

TOC should not have highlighted this article to its readers. They are not getting a cent from me in donation this time. Elections has nothing with to do with sex appeal. I thought TOC was quite good in 2011 but the intervening years have shown me that they are much lesser than I had thought them to be. They have become needlessly anti-government, aping the west without thought for our circumstances, basically lost their way. 

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  1. Why so sneery?
    We are in the age of y-millenialists who probably just think that traditional LKY politics seems really old-fashioned

    The problem with the old boy club is not the decor but the lack of choices. Young people can get pretty well revved up in their early forays but if it means taking the discussions or debate from the pageant to walkway to the family living room is a process, so be it. I would rather that than a nation of apathetic young people like we have suffered previously. Maturity takes time, and better they start early. Let those serious voters who know better that which candidates are here to stay or fade. It takes all kinds, and we should encourage their exploration without losing sight of the serious implications.