Sunday, August 2, 2015

To NSP: This is not a card game

My view of the NSP is much more negative than the last GE. The last few years others and myself have had time to observe them. What these oppo parties do when elections are not imminent is telling. To me NSP is an unstable party and now also opportunistic. Someone left a comment with many "likes" describes how I feel completely.

You don't as you feel like it try to entice Nicole Seah back. Kudos to Nicole Seah for saying no. Perhaps she will offer herself some day but the path back is as important as the decision to stand for elections again.


  1. Perhaps a secret proxy of Ruling party? How else do you explain the revolving door of its party members. Somebody is pulling strings for sure. Avoid at all cost.

  2. Yes, avoid at all cost, These people are like comets that only pop out every 5 years or so. The only alternative is also found wanting, the ruling one is out of touch. Tough choices