Friday, August 7, 2015

This Jubilee Weekend

The Jubilee Weekend is upon us and we are having a quiet weekend staying mostly at home. I had tried to get tickets for the NDP, the first time I ever tried but you know the laws of chance, we were not likely to succeed.

I told them all the free to enter and half prices especially at the Zoos, let others especially those who feel that full price is an arm and a leg enjoy it. Each time I see school children in the two conservatories at Gardens by the Bay I am so grateful it cost them nothing to visit. Unfortunately they could not take their parents along. They will have to bring home digital photos to show their parents. I am thankful that most people can afford a smart phone never mind it is not an iPhone.

I will be using this weekend to catch up on work as well. Work is not a four letter word when it is meaningful and you can do it at a comfortable pace. Then I can really get into the Zone.

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