Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tanjong Pagar GRC: Sing first; dance later

Sing first, dance later suggested Helen Lee.

Just speculating, I think Sing First would be the first to lose their deposits contesting Tanjong Pagar GRC. I don't think there is much of a LKY dividend in the coming elections but Tanjong Pagar GRC for sentimental reasons would be the exception.

Richard Lim reminded us of Tan Jee Say's reckless economic plan which I am sure remains his greatest brainwave which he will never give up. I have always asked myself how did Goh Chok Tong choose him to be his PPS at all? With that sort of mindset what did he have to contribute to his boss?

Just look at what is happening to Australia and New Zealand economically today? Both have been lazy and chosen to be single trick ponies One was seduced by the windfall exporting resources to China and its beautiful neighbor south by dairy products.

Look across the world, how many economies are one or two tricks ponies. They are the majority. Few have the depth of the USA, may be put that down as none. You need deep diversity to be resilient. It is very hard for small states to achieve that. I think only Switzerland and us has got it and we aren't doing it well enough and truly struggle to do better.

I hope people have a sense of realism and not be seduced by Tan See Say impractical and dangerous ideas. Didn't help that the PAP is so poor at explaining complex issues to the masses.

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  1. The question is why we have opportunists like Tan JS coming in to probe and test? The high salary of ministers and MPs is a double edged sword. Any politician or smooth talker with true intent or not, will be tempted by that pay and we can expect more duds than true quality in coming GEs