Monday, August 24, 2015

SG50 NDR: One people surfaced

I know very little about bands but enough to know that it is rare they last a long time. What interest me about them is their shared culture which frequently lead them to split up. To what degree will Singapore eventually have the same character?

I think up to a point the individual artistes need for personal expression trumps everything else. To get that space and freedom they have to go separate ways.

To remain as one people we always need to work at it and deeply imbibe the wisdom that in our diversity we can find the source of unity at a deeper level. This is so deep it is for all practical purpose invisible until the surface layers are torn away. We have become aware of that since the passing of Lee Kuan Yew. Once we were tentative and unsure about this in us, now we assert it with confidence and spontaneity.

To me that is the most significant take away for SG50 and the NDR.

It is vital to have sufficient foresight but our unity is a great asset to shore up any lack we might have in that department. Larger neighbors and players in the geopolitical space will take us seriously.

To trade off truly spectacular fireworks for an impressive display of air power prowess, that was wisdom.

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