Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PAP track record is not the point

I think better say and show that you are in touch with the people more than highlighting your track record. What people are afraid of is the government disconnecting from what is good for Singapore with what is good for Singaporeans. If we suspect your intentions, governance and leadership becomes very difficult. The Population White Paper would have passed without a hitch if our infrastructure had been tip top. The last four years you did not try your best to solve the maintenance problem with our MRT trains but the transport minister tried his best. He was forced to trust SMRT to do its part, which they failed. Will this bad apple eventually spoil the rest of the apples in the barrel?

In the Singapore Conversation immediately after the last GE, you were acting like order takers or customer service reps than leaders trying to understand the Singapore heart beat. You were not leading but watching for cues from us. I don't think we can navigate the ship of Singapore into the future this way. For goodness sake, you need to lead. Without a good idea of what is coming, we will be what we will be following our instincts only. If we know what is coming, we will develop ourselves differently to meet the future. Bilingualism was never natural but we sweated at it because our former leader foresaw the future and pressed us into it. Leave us to be natural? We might be the turkey, very happy until we discover we were meant for Thanksgiving dinner.

Since 2011 have they rebuilt the trust with us? With me, I would say only in a limited way. Only if we kick them would they respond. Remember that planned but ill fated Temple/Columbarium in Punggol West?


  1. I don't care about the track record, and to be perfectly honest, the PAP govt's track record isn't really that stellar.

    All I care about is the future - the direction this country is going. And the direction which the PAP is taking the country is a dangerous one. That must be stopped, if not for yourself, then at least for your future generations.

  2. When one is good, one is good. No need to tell everyone that one is good. To do so will only cause doubt about whether one is good