Monday, August 10, 2015

Missing Papa on Aug 9: Please demolish the house

As usual I flipped through the papers early this morning and rarely stop to read anything. I just want to have an overview, coming back to read them more carefully later. This morning I stopped, dropped everything and made time for Dr. Lee Wei Ling's, "Missing Papa on Aug 9"

Many thoughts about how she must be feeling went through my mind as I read and I have no time to write them all here. However two things were most prominent. She didn't get any special treatment at Marina South to see the Black Knights perform. That would have meant a lot more to her than practically everyone else present. The next and more important it would be best for me to quote her.

Can we just honor her father's last wish? I think lots of angry Singaporeans might help. Tell the government to honor LKY's last wish. The guilt would be upon us if we don't. Even if we would to fail on the first try, we should just keep at it until the bungalow is demolished. Yes, we ought to keep it if its occupant were someone else other than the Lee family. Then the guidelines for the preservation of monuments apply. But to preserve the memory of LKY and the Old Guard, it is best to keep making Singapore better and a beacon in the world. Even God felt it clever to destroy the Temple in Jerusalem for temples everywhere in living beings.

Yes, I had also wanted to write about LKY's interest in euthanasia but I think it is better to keep those sad thoughts private.

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