Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lee Seng Wee: The light has gone out

He was a good guy my late father used to say. Many rich people are crooks he went on to explain. Now he is gone. Suffered a fall to his head, the surgeons tried to save him but complications set in. He passed away on August 7 and was cremated the very next day. As in life, very private and low profile.

A much better example than Ng Teng Fong and Khoo Teck Puat. I am still unhappy that for a $100M each two hospitals were named after them. Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at NTU, of Business at SMU and Natural History at NUS, I welcome those.

These days too many of the rich are show offs. Quite a few flaunt their vulgar wealth that is built on debt than cash and assets. We gotta produce more rich people like this family.

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  1. You are right about Lee Seng Wee. I was working in one of the OCBC overseas branches. So occasionally the CEOs or the Board members would pass by and we had to entertain them and keep them informed of the branch activities. He was totally unassuming, no airs, and no one carried his briefcase. Walking on the street and chatting with him, no one would know he was one of the richest men in Singapore. No dinner ended late for he was concerned we needed to get back home. And so on. Indeed a rare breed.