Thursday, August 13, 2015

Germany's sick experiment on Greece

The WSJ was just doing its job reporting on the ground the situation there. But behind the sick numbers which even the IMF will not sign up to people must work out what the Germans are up to. This is no longer the European Germany but one that is trying to make Europe in its image.

These numbers for Greece to achieve are fantasy. Going by German rational calculations, I think they are using Greece to conduct a low cost experiment on the very long term feasibility of changing the guts of every European member into German ones.

Low cost because most of the money given to Greece would simply be recycled back to Germany and the other creditors. There is little for Greece except to keep existing so that the money can move to and back.

I thought my idea was crazy but I am reminded from history leaders can occasionally think and act most foolishly. The most recent example was American hare-brained idea of regime change for Iraq. What a mess.

The German experiment is doomed to fail. Now it is up to France and perhaps after the referendum the UK to do something about this.

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