Sunday, August 23, 2015

GE2015: One clown speaking for the rest

Some people suggested with clowns like they have at the NSP CEC, they don't need competitors much less enemies. They have caused their SG Hazel Poa to quit in disgust. Now all their silly efforts has come to naught. Steve Chia who was eyeing for a three corner fight between him, the WP and Tin Pei Ling has surrendered.

They have no character or common sense but they also prove that anyone is free to try contesting of a seat in parliament. It is up to us voters to call them out for what they are. Resoundingly stupid Steve Chia and his colleagues in the central executive committee.

Now let's see who else is quitting the NSP CEC. That is their only redemption from stupidity.


  1. Looks like the NSP crowd should deserve the Charlie Award of the Year

  2. The only "credible" opposition is found wanting on standards, what can one possible expect from the rest. Imagine if the likes of Steve Chia or Desmond Lim is running the management of your estate or speaking for you in Parliament. I have always said that the 15K MP allowance is a double edged sword. Expect more of such clowns in years to come.