Thursday, August 27, 2015

GE2015: I agree with Jack Sim

I like to think Jack Sim or more famously Mr. Toilet spoke for many of us how we voted in GE 2011.

There must be much fewer angry people this time round and this should translate into more votes for the men in spotty white. They will never appear in white with polka dots ever! But to me that is what they are when you think of their many silly statements. They aren't stupid but everyone comes across as that when they are out of touch or missed the context.  Well sometimes the MSM are to be blamed. At least they are not at the level of those ministers from across the Causeway who should be suited as clowns. Truly!

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  1. Pap has shown that they only respond to ballot box. They have only made minor tweaks but fundamental issues have not changed. Human nature is such that competition is always needed. We need to send enough opposition to keep them on their toes