Thursday, August 13, 2015

China's Emma Lee vs Our Tan Cheng Bock

There were about 900 likes within the first two hours ST posted it on their Facebook page. All the comments were negative and unhappy why Emma Lee and her mother who are not Singaporean had seats at the NDP when most of us born and bred here had tried many years unsuccessfully.

Emma Lee must be completely perplexed and confused by the backlash she is getting. I don't blame her. How would she know? Among her Singaporean friends she is well accepted.

Below is our own Tan Cheng Bock a veteran MP who could not get a seat but have to specially arrange to be in a skyscraper to stay close to the parade.

This is a political and transactional PAP government. Dr. Tan is no longer useful to them and the likes of Emma Lee represents a grateful foreigner vis a vis complaining locals. But these foreigners do not understand what make Singapore tick. We do. The PAP leaders are so starved of appreciation, these foreigners are now preferred but politically suicidal for them to publicly admit. Singapore will have a short life if our leaders values are built on dollars and cents. Even Lee Seng Wee who passed away recently only wanted to do good and never bothered with public appreciation.

Emma Lee 1
Tan Cheng Bock 0

Damn you PAP.


  1. ST (and its master) waste no time in trying to sell us the notion that this "potential" immigrant is just like one of us, on SG50. Unbelievably clueless!

  2. The crap mainstream media just cooking

  3. Goes to show ST is not worth letting your dog defecate on and its master clearly out of touch. There are thousands of foreigners which most S'poreans can really do without with. This is another one not needed and whose intentions to be here are not exactly clear.

  4. IT is really see man who had contributed so much this nation..he was instrumental in fostering racial ties between singaporens....yet he was denied a ticket...whereas,,,FT'S can get it without a sweat...something is very wrong....

  5. LTY was quoted in the ST 14 Aug 15 issue that politician should have a soft heart and thick skin and not a hard heart and thin skin. IMO, he was hinting at the PM who has sued a young Singaporean for defamation -admitting in court that he was waiting for the excuse to do so - and got his AGC to prosecute and PERSECUTE a 16 year old teenager for saying rude things about his just-dead father.

    LKY and LHL appeared to live by the infamous President George Bush adage that if you are not with me, you are against me. Let's hope the voters will deliver a resounding vote of no-confidence AGAINST the PAP in the upcoming GE in September.

  6. I am a true-blue singaporean (the most stupid tag invented by the social media i feel), bu i will be blunt. I will rather have a appreciative foreigner than a brainless local. if this country is all abt brainless locals complaining, or worse still spend their time talking crap and weaving conspiracy theories abt the establishment on internet (like those 5 above), then this country will go down even faster.

    Peng you, you are a intelligent blogger who can differentiate between right and wrong at critical moments, but sadly not everyone is like you. in fact, i notice most who are online are opposite of you. thats why i have always found you special.