Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BreadTalk Soya: Honesty is the best policy

I can still remember sitting in class as a primary school student our teacher teaching us the meaning of "Honesty is the best policy" This is something BreadTalk seemed to have thrown into the bin with expired buns.

These days everyone is so short term. Everyone is into doing whatever they want as long as they don't get caught. Even the government is into this fad which include talking long term but acting short term.

Rotten, just rotten. Meanwhile another scandal over Kueh Lapis from Bengawan Solo could be erupting.

The only folks thinking long term now are the few honest elites and many of the common people. They are not business owners or highly incentivized executives. They never have many opportunities to be tempted with get rich quick schemes. Many cannot even qualify for much renovation loans to do up their BTO flats. But they are smart folks who learn quickly. The elites better watch out.

Update: 5:40 pm

Got this picture off Oh yeah? "Freshly prepared..."

and the appropriate comments at BreadTalk Facebook page.

Update: Aug 7 1:50pm

And BreadTalk cannot be reached for comment! I passed they outlet in Clementi Mall at noon today and there was only one browsing customer. They have plenty of former customers now.

And these comments were too passionate not to be included here.


  1. whatever happens to corporate governance? Apologise because it gets caught - if not??

  2. ""BreadTalk seemed to have thrown into the bin with expired buns.""

    Can we trust that BreadTalk are doing this???????