Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thoughtfulness, gentleness....words carry baggage

Words regularly carry baggage was the thought that immediately flashed across my mind as I read those words from WSJ.

I am especially sensitive about it these days given the proliferation of Whatsapp chat groups. People have left groups in a huff because they were offended and the offending party was clueless what he or she did wrong.

So what is the solution? Thoughtfulness. Not just for chat groups but relationships.

A couple of days ago a friend shared this on Facebook. I want to explain why I thought the article missed the mark but decided to hold back.

Link to "The One Thing Missing In Many Marriages". I told myself the author doesn't know what she is talking about. Fortunately for them they were writing books and making money from as clueless people who obviously didn't really lived the advice. You know how it is with many self help books, they are like recipe books.

Thoughtfulness sometimes but not always expressed as gentleness is what make gentleness work. Gentleness that does not come from thoughtfulness is hypocrisy. That WSJ article was more honest, useful and practical. Among the Christians there is simply too much BS. No wonder they have to create a friendly environment to practice their faith in order that it might not be broken. The Muslims are also suffering from a similar problem. Read about their insecurity all the time from across the Causeway.

And what is the foundation for thoughtfulness. Go read that WSJ article.

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