Friday, July 31, 2015

Plums after more than a decade

I haven't had a plum for at least thirteen years. Usually my mom would keep one for me when I visited her on Sundays. On my own I never buy them. It is one of my favorite and when I was still living with my parents, plums were a regular. So many things I stopped doing once I got married and moved out. Quite a few things she told wifey about what I prefer turned out to be untrue in her experience. Truth is I adapt to my circumstances.

Yesterday wifey spotted good red plums, 5 for $1.99 That was screaming stupid if you do not buy especially after not having any for so long. Now only three is left. I just had one for breakfast.

Yep, the reason why I haven't had them is because nobody else eats them.

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