Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PAP MPs their bosses do not like

I just kinda of read the TOC article and got that pic too.

Too bad, Inderjit Singh doesn't need the PAP any more. There is nothing to stop him and what he has done announcing his retirement on Facebook is not illegal.

Why is it that the PAP MPs we like are the ones they do not. I liked Toh Chin Chye as a backbencher, the former speaker Tan Soo Khoon too. I have always found Inderjit to have spoken our hearts in parliament. To me this is really simple. If the PAP bosses don't like these guys, many of us don't like you. You are chosen because you made specs and others are at best long term promising.

Yesterday in the ST I read Chan Chun Sing sermonizing the opposition that they must contest for Tanjong Pagar with a pure heart. Ah, that's hypocrisy. I can accept that he is honest and tries his best but pure heart? That is for saints. Please climb down lower. If you have a pure heart, we don't need opposition in parliament. Every once in a while I wonder to what degree you all can be trusted. Your methods against the opposition aren't those crafted from a pure heart.

Also in ST yesterday Tan Chuan Jin was telling us how to vote. Please, like some of us said to Teo Chean Hean you guys are not the only ones with usable brains. Just tell us your story, we decide if we will buy them!


  1. Whatever happened to the "strong" leadership that we expect from the ruling party?

  2. are we having pampered children in the lead??

  3. it's sad the way the party treat those in their ranks who really have the matters of the people in their hearts - does that tell of the arrogance and whatever else one can read into the mannerism??

  4. the irony is that the next day. Inderjit Singh came out and laugh off claims that there is rift between him and the PAP leadership. Until today as i am typing this, Inderjit is trying very hard to help the PAP win the next GE by advertising his successor Henry Kwek, make sure he is well-known enough to win votes. the PAP really isnt like UMNO where you have mahathir vs najib, or Muhyiddin vs Zahid. Or like those Singapore oppo parties who after 50 years still cannot decide who should lead, and how to lead.

    1. Ng Eng Hen should have not made those comments. Inderjit did him a favor afterward. I expected much more from Ng Eng Hen. It was truly poor judgement on this part. Thin skinned fellow and stupid enough not to make the tactical calculations before opening his mouth.