Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Massive MRT failure near to GE 2015

Power fault again, the trains are immobile. Some trains even suffer blackouts. SMRT caught flat footed once more. Back up bus services confused and inadequate. If you spread the rumor that Desmond Kuek had finally killed himself in despair, it might even go viral. The former CDF should hang his head in shame. Luckily we didn't had to go to war with him in charge.

It seems the only guys that was ready were the folks bringing us the news especially the veteran senior correspondent Chris Tan. They are also ready for the upcoming GE because they were told when they cannot go on leave. Will trains break down then? The PAP knowing how they are hostage to fortune are asking for prayers.

Finally learning points.

Whenever you hear them inform of a developing situation and it has the key words, "traction power fault" and 20 minutes or longer. It would be smarter you quickly get off at the next station and catch a bus or cab before everyone tries to do the same.

Update: July 8 8:55 am

Took the following from Today Online

Thumbs up to Ms Trisa. She knows how to make things better. It is the top bosses that are screwed up.


  1. after so many rounds of breakdown incidents and assuming there is a proper Contingency Plan on record and regularly updated, yet we commuters (and bus drivers) were left to total confusion as to which service we should take and whether they would be so generiously offered as free rides (though after queuing like crazy) and there had been incidents where some landed up tapping their bus cards before realising we wouldn't need to. So we have efficiency ??? Imagine an ever bigger incident - we would all be doomed!!!

  2. "Traction power fault"...another "ponding"?

  3. The solution is paying a couple of million more and raising fares. Standard SOP. Our transport policy is a sick joke.

  4. Bastards were quick to blame others for not taking ownership. So who is going to commit hara-kiri. Well they would rather kill the people who talk against them than take ownership. Honestly does anyone expect anything called ownership from the party started by a traitor

  5. This morning it was supposed to be free boarding for all NS and EW routes yet the drivers were not told or just did not bother - and there were lots of passengers tapping their fare cards. How can an institution like SMRT which has endless kockups like this and still cannot implement proper procedures to make sure the drivers are duly informed - or is it just pretending and just carry on collecting fares when clearly it has so inconvenient the commuters and it is just lip service offering free service. Hypocrite or Inefficient. Maybe both then

  6. Time the top management at SMRT take some care to look after their staff. But then if it cannot look after the needs of the commuter, would one expect any?