Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Healthcare: More foreign patients please

This is a good article by Dr Jeremy Lim. This was not a technical essay and I had on my own suspected these reasons but nothing gives you as much confidence as reading from someone in the business.

So I am repeating myself. We have ministers who can work but are inadequate at political communication and worse courage. Sure I think they have conviction but not as strong as our founding fathers. This is not original as LKY had said as much even from those who formed the second generation of leaders.

It is easy for ministers to say, "Look the people don't want my superior for plan" when they were poor salesmen.

Your technocratic skills are only as meaningful as your political skills. Sigh! And what is stuck in my mind about Khaw is "Hara Kiri". Stupid choice of words from someone sitting on a high horse.

Well I was perhaps too kind but I will finish by saying that he failed to put in enough beds. Now we are worse off than most people are aware of. If the ministers think they can just pass the blame to us, they can try.

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