Monday, May 18, 2015

What former Civil Service Chief missed

I was informed recently practically everything Bill Gates predicted in his 1995 book had come true. Sadly that misses the point. What was pivotal are the defining trends and features he missed. Not much use if you spotted the mice, birds, cats and dogs in the room but missed the two elephants. They were the Internet and the Smartphone especially the iPhone.

So is the same with Peter Ho's article to the ST. You can't disagree with the three big trends he had shared with us but what he and us cannot tell are the elephants in our room that we are still missing.

Always better to have a sense of ignorance and vulnerability than a sense of knowledge. I ranked his predecessor Eddie Teo ahead of him because he is a wiser man. Peter Ho on the other is a techno geek.

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  1. He is the guy who once said 'rules are good, but you must know who to apply it to' to me