Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unlucky Jurong Country Club Members

When I saw this last night I went to find out if there is not an alternative place to site the High Speed Rail (HSR) station. I think if the station would to be in Jurong that is the best site.

The JCC members were simply unlucky. Instead they thought they were unfairly treated. To me most of them have the means to be members of JCC and play golf they were just lucky. Sure we run a meritocratic system but even more people get to where they are because of luck.

We always revert to the mean in the long run. Their lucky run is over, that's all. The really smart ones would have seen it coming and sold. Of course few people can predict when something like this would befall JCC, so the clever ones sold early.

I hope most of us aren't like JCC members or as a nation we are finished. Their sense of entitlement was incredible.

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