Saturday, May 2, 2015

Universal coding will change everything

I understand we are going to teach all our kids in school how to code. The Americans and I am sure elsewhere are also toying with similar ideas. Everyone reads the writing on the wall and it is a no brainer that kids must be taught this skill on top of reading, writing, math and science.

What nobody bothers to discuss is how this will change the way the next generation consume simply because they will interact with any product or service very differently. Quite a few products could end up trading user friendliness for more power and flexibility because customers with coding background can put them to far better use.

Coding skills won't be something you put to use at work but at home and play too. This is not new as we have taken for granted how our interactions with the world and each other is different simply because we are literate. If we could raise one person who had died a hundred years ago, you would know what I mean. Well not need for that. Hollywood already tried imagining this experiment in some of their movies.

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