Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two potential terrorists arrested

This was a story that was waiting to appear in our news except that we do not know when. We would like to think it was our Home Team that have tracked and nabbed them but no. We were saved by dumb luck once more. This is well and good but also make us nervous.

Don't we prefer stories where our security teams monitor and disrupt potential activities?

On the other hand the story has made us even more vigilant. Look at the number of likes in 2 hours.

Now if I were in charge of stopping terrorist acts, I wouldn't want them to know that security officers were successfully monitoring their progress. For the public consumption I would prefer an informer from the public to bring it to the Police's attention. Sure, the Home Team gets no credit and could even look bad in public but this is actually far shrewder and in the long run more effective.

Let the public think the public is indispensable for helping keep our home safe.

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