Sunday, May 31, 2015

SQ charity flights

Happy to see SQ doing this again. I hope they realize for a nation that went from third world to first world in one generation this resonate with us.

I recall SQ once offered flights to no where, i.e., you take off from Changi and return to Changi. All just for the thrill of experiencing air travel for a few minutes. People took up the offer because so many of us had never ridden on an airplane before.

The first time wifey stepped on board a plane was when we went for our honeymoon. These days many kids took their first flights even before they are in primary school.

Recently I saw our former house cleaner Whatsapp profile showing her in winter clothing. Their financial situation must have improved a lot to take that holiday. So happy for her.


  1. Some thoughts I wish to share, after reading your comments on SQ's charity flight for 300 lucky Community Chest beneficiaries.

    My late wife started as a teacher in Pasir Panjang Secondary School and later in Rosyth Primary (when our daughters came on stream) and her alma mater at Fairfield, tracking our girls and only stopped when they went to RJC.

    Her view why our neighborhood schools do not produce better students seemed to be their lack of travel overseas during their school holidays. She explained most of our Heartlanders, where most of their children were enrolled for schooling do not have the means to provide foreign travel experience that opened complimentary exposure to their school work.

    Someone said travel broadens one's mind. Some Singaporeans travel to look for broads...but from my own perspective, foreign travels and stay had been enriching for my family.

    1. David, sorry to learn that your wife had passed away. I guess that must be sometime back.

      To me travel helps one to see his own society with a new and deeper perspective not otherwise possible. Our minds works by comparing what we sense. A complete change of environment gives us that opportunity to have more than one reference points and understand our own environment in ways which we were never aware of.