Sunday, May 24, 2015

So Myanmar hate Rohingyas with a vengeance

I read Dr Farisha Noor article early this morning. He explained why the Rohingyas have a natural right to be recognized as citizens of Myanmar.

Then I read the many responses and checked the number of likes the Myanmar people gave for disagreeing with Farisha Noor. I cannot but go away thinking many Myanmar folks, the sort with Burmese names really hate the Rohingyas. This is a big problem. They will never stop persecuting the Rohingyas. Who knows they might even get angrier and decide on genocide as a solution. I think only the international community is stopping them from such evil plans.

Since they can't kill off the Rohingyas, Myanmar is entertaining the next logical option of driving them to utter hopelessness. In other words, if it is unacceptable to kill them, pressure them to kill themselves then. The world and ASEAN must be prepared and plan on how to deal with Myanmar obvious solution to their Rohingyga "problem".

We could be seeing Myanmar applying Hitler's final solution on the Rohingyas in slow motion without the gas chambers and furnaces.


  1. Not sure why no one has mentioned the Elephant in the room ...
    the much vaunted Aung San Suu Kyi.
    She's not uttered a single word about what the Burmese govt is doing with the Rohingas.
    Why is no one in the Western world holding her accountable for being silent?
    When she was under regime lock-up, everything about the international community and Burma revolve around her - no lifting of sanctions until Suu Kyi is freed, no normalisation of relations, no this, no that ...
    And in a near genocide situation, she's silent.

    1. It is the will of most Burmese to be rid of the Rohingyas in their country. In a situation like this what can Aung San Suu Kyi do? She is no LKY to forge a multi racial and religious society out of Myanmar.

      When she was still restricted to her home, foreign governments were also using her to burnish their democratic credentials or at least respond to media pressure for their local audience back home. They were often just making use of her. Senior leaders visiting her then need to have that obligatory hug photo op with her for their media back home.