Thursday, May 7, 2015

SG: Not the perfect place to be a mum

It didn't say and we aren't the perfect country to be a mum, only the best and by a certain way of scoring and ranking which may or may not be meaningful to some. That few though can make a lot of noise online and if you are a poor reader go away with the impression that we are really short in too many ways But with time people gain experience and reappraise their conclusions.

We are not perfect and never will be but we can always do better. We can suggest ways to improve on what we have or our preferred way is to complain.

Leaders shouldn't take most of our complaints negatively. They are just suggestions for improvement that aren't properly dressed up and presentable. This is because too many of us are busy with our own lives to understand the increasingly complex issues to make considered suggestions.

We have become silos of expertise and experience as the knowledge intensity of our jobs and roles increase. We are getting closer to the point where two mathematicians cannot understand each other because they specialize in different fields.

So look beyond suggestions and complaints and think in terms of new ways to engage and bond. That is why in an earlier post I suggested that more than very smart thinking which is impossible to sell we must do everything under the umbrella of wisdom. Mostly I only need to know why a policy or decision is wise. There is simply no time to understand and accept why it was smart and right. Explaining policies well have limits but building trust is limitless.

Likewise I cannot afford to study the merits and demerits of  the PAP vs WP over AHPETC. I am forced to be practical about the WP. You come into this with you eyes open. If the PAP have made life hard for you, that is just life and it happens all over the world. WP just have to take responsibility and figure a way to succeed. You do your job to run the town council well and leave the job of fixing the PAP to the voters. If the voters fail to do that, perhaps you don't deserve each other.

People have to grow up and I believe they are growing up.

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