Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ireland vote Yes to official gay marriages

Ireland is the number 19th country in the world to recognize gay marriage. What separates them from those before is that they decided with a national referendum, and the results was an astonishing 2 to 1 for gay marriage.

Christian friends like the one above had expressed their dismay. For me, I view this with an unhappy inevitability. Christians especially the Roman Catholic Church should look back and understand how Church failure and hypocrisy have landed Ireland in this place today. We cannot discuss homosexual unions when the church do not even understand marriage between heterosexuals.

Sure it is about free to love, but what is love?

St. Patrick is turning in his grave.

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  1. it's a slap in the face of the Catholic church indeed. And a sad moment for all those dedicated Irish missionaries who ventured out into the world to educate the world not just spiritually but morally and academically. Time for real soul-searching.