Thursday, May 7, 2015

China: Good luck with self build OS

Finally the Chinese are going to embark on a project that would defeat them. Pity Xi Jinping and his PSC cannot code like some of our leaders, so they don't get this. Software never dies, they only get supplanted. It is almost infinitely easier to start with nothing and build then to construct an alternative and throw out what you have. It just isn't going to happen. Period.

I remember sitting in my cubicle as a young IT guy. My senior colleague came over to look at what the PC group was doing and saw a simple Quattro Pro spreadsheet on my display. She told me they have a mainframe app written in COBOL to do something similar and it is impossible to change. She was right. Years after I left they were still using that program. Finally it was gone but only because the business was completely reorganized.

Software is like the soul, it never dies except the machine died and it has no place to live. Then they become ghosts.

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