Tuesday, May 5, 2015

AHPETC running out of money soon

I was dismayed but not surprised to see this on the front page of the papers this morning.

Winston Churchill as I recently found out had suggested that the truth is so precious it must be protected by a body guard troop of lies. Now they are all dressed up to look alike to offer the maximum protection. Just like Churchill also had his double, just like senator Amidala.

Sigh! unless you have nothing else better to do, where do you find the time to keep up with these?

Heck, for a long time I am not going to care what is the truth here is. To me the PAP and WP have and will come worse off from this saga.

The PAP town council act was a lame piece of legislation which assumed no non-PAP members will run a GRC. It must also hint they are prepared to play dirty but not illegally successfully to forestall such an outcome. If so, they clearly failed.

The WP is a mess. Their residents deserve better. There might be extenuating factors but all grown ups must learn to take responsibility too. If they run out of money in June, town council services I assume must cease because they can't pay. Such a scenario must never happen. If it does, that is an epic fail for WP notwithstanding the reasons they might offer.

In the worst case the government will have to step in and take over the running of the town council. The law might not compel this but I don't think it prevents this either. If this is what finally happens, the WP will probably lose more than the PAP. In elections to win, you only need to lose less right? On the other hand other opposition parties might win elsewhere against the PAP. There should be enough people who believe the PAP set up the WP to fail. Is that fact or fiction, how does it matter? Like I said earlier, the truth is so precious it needs a security force of lies to protect it.


  1. The driver is deaf and thinks he has perfect vision. The slapping co driver turns out to be blind and has no arms, cannot even slap properly. Looks like the passengers have to jump out of the moving bus and hope both drivers end up down the cliff.

    1. Yep, the passengers are sick of the driver and co-driver always quarelling.
      Since coming on board, the driver had been throwing stones at the co-driver, beating him up, pushing him, stretch out his feet and cause the co-driver to fall.
      The passengers, having seen all that, had remained quiet. Scared kena sued. Anyway, too busy going about in our lives to care.
      Meanwhile, the driver, seeing that the passengers really don't care about all these details, intensified the beating of the co-driver.
      In a way, its strange. The passengers are among the most well educated people in the world, constantly bagging the top 3 places in world academic ranking. Can't they see the unlevel playing field? Can't they see what's happening?
      Aiyah, so complicated, the truth is complicated lah, said one of the passenger.
      Yah, I blame both, said another, munching on an apple as he looks around the scenery.
      Meanwhile, most passengers realise that today's driver is no longer the same as the original driver. The original driver and his team drove us through precarious roads on a dingy vehicle from Third World to First World. Today's team of driver drive a Ferrari, sometimes too recklessly. And in certain aspects, some say we've gone from First World to Third World. Meanwhile, many other cars have also driven faster than us, moving from Third to First world.
      I think we need a co-driver to check on the driver. But this co-driver, not so capable lah, said a passenger.
      Replied another : Oh, you're actually quite a capable guy. Why don't you drive?
      He replied : Scared kena sued lah. Better to let others stick their heads out.
      He looked around : Most of the other passengers also nodded their heads. So not many capable people are willing to be co-drivers because they know that they'll be beaten up, kena sued, and at the end of the day, the other passengers will continue munching on their apple, going along for the ride, oblivious to everything.
      Why bother?

  2. Honestly, I have no respect for PAP, instead of fighting fair to win back the votes they have stooped to such underhand tactics. What does that tell of the ethos of these men in white. So now we know the white costume is the hide a black and evil character. One can clearly decide that they are hell bent on making to residents repent and regret. How can the old man threats not be fulfilled, otherwise people will lose all fear. I hope the residents will dig deeep into their hearts and reject these unethical men

  3. Withholding funds meant for residents was never their right. Every town council will 'run out of funds' without govt funding.

    1. You are right but the correct counterfactual is that the legislation for town councils should have been more well thought out in the first place which will make such an outcome an impossible scenario. What a shoddy piece of work from the PAP led parliament.