Wednesday, May 27, 2015

$5.3m for Lipo death

I quickly read the article trying to confirm only one thing. Best to quote from it.

The sum also included $3.88 million to make up for the loss of inheritance the dependants suffered. The amount was derived based on the wealth Mr Heng would have accumulated and left them had he lived.

So doctors now have to make their calculation who and what they take on to treat eh? The law was updated in 2009 and now they have an experience of how it could be dispensed.

Don't know enough about doctoring but surely the doctors must think up ways to find a new balance to make sure their practice still make sense for them. For sure insurance cost will go up and will MOH provide figures how much of each dollar we pay to doctors is the result of liability insurance?

I am always wary of runaway healthcare cost. We must not underestimate how easy this can happen. It usually creeps up on you unnoticed and it has been creeping upwards faster than many other items in our cost of living.


  1. We have been heading down this slippery slope of escallating legal costs, with consequential effect on other costs like insurance etc; for some time now. Especially in the last 5-10 years or so. When we embrace "privitisation" or "market forces" with unbridled zeal.
    Its very common now for car accidents claims to be inflated, leading to higher car insurance costs. Some even make it a point to stage accidents.
    In the social media, we have the likes of Xia Xue and the MOE using anti-harrassment excuse to pursue new found legal powers.
    There was even a recent case of a RGS student suing her school for having been bullied & claiming aggravated damages.
    And recently, doctors were worried abt practicing as gynaes becos of escallating medical insurance costs.
    Slowly but surely, we're not only pricing ourselves out as an attractive place to invest, but as a place forn ordinary citizens to lead middle class lives.
    The water is getting hotter and we frogs are trying to adapt.

  2. bear in mind the lawyer like the broker/agent makes all the commission - and publicity