Saturday, March 28, 2015

We are mourning and Israel wants to talk business

The nation is in grief, the PM just lost his legendary father and here the Israeli President wants to talk business. This is totally surreal to me but I better wake up my idea. The Israelis are out in front telling us, we like them are tiny and have to be tough. Thank you Israel.

With LKY gone, history teaches us that others will test us. Unlike others Israel offers us a friendly test which can only make us stronger.

I sympathize with PM Lee. Even in his greatest personal loss, he has to put Singapore first. Israel has come to remind him that. We need to be tough to survive.

We welcome the tutorial from Israel to prepare ourselves for our frenemies testing.

Just in case we are weak, Lee Kuan Yew has bought us time to be strong before he left from the goodwill he had built for us.

The unthinkable long queues waiting to say good bye to him at Parliament House send the strongest signal to the world our resolve to carry on successfully without him.

I am not sure if I still blogging for myself only.

Update: 10:25 am

One people, One nation, One Singapore.

Update: 1:45 pm

Grateful to former MP Peh Chin Hua and CCTV for this.

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  1. Well, at least this is good, friendly business. Remember, Israel helps us 50 years ago when others didn't want to.