Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SMRT: Bad start for 2015

Finally the first member of the family was caught in an MRT train incident. It was only a matter of time and by now the greater majority of residents here must have had experienced it at least once if not many times. Social media corroborates with my simple guess.

Over FM 93.8 this morning I heard LTA demanding a thorough investigation and explanation from SMRT. After hearing this so often we are so tired of this that some of us must even have memorized their lines.

Forget about apologizing. By definition the apology is to admit fault and work toward not repeating the error. Serial apologies only cheapen the act to the point of insult.

I am sure there will be a political cost for the PAP. Just don't know how much and they must be damn worried if there would be a major train fault during elections time.

Update: 2:15 pm


and who cares if you win such an international award. It only make the award look very bad. 


  1. so many of these so-called international awards are popping up everywhere you just wander they are just some ploys to win readership and sponsorship. One too many - and the majority are just phonies

    1. Exactly! Winners should be more discriminating if they should even participate or accept the awards!

  2. the drive behind winning those rewards - meeting and faking KPIs!! Yet in realty, see how even simple tasks cannot be properly done!