Monday, March 9, 2015

LRT down: Calls for Hara Kiri

There is so much cynicism about how SMRT runs our rail system. Read many calls for LG Kuek to Hara Kiri. He has to thank Khaw Boon Wan for starting this or there would have been even more obscene and profane remarks for the LG. I am as I had blogged before just glad he is no longer CDF, Such an incompetent.

Hara Kiri looks like it is going to be stickier than Ke Qiu. Khaw Boon Wan must be regretting this big time. It will even beat, "CPF is not your money". I am sure he will not hear the end of this for a very long time!

When are the Hara Kiri Ts coming out? Nearer to the next GE perhaps. Hara Kiri is the ultimate but senseless apology. Fix the damn train system or else be upfront with us. Don't hide the truth from us and let the system keep breaking down. Any global CEO worth its salt would have come clean and turn customers into partners to jointly solve the problem. 

Update: March 10: 5:55 am

LG Kuek don't know or recognize what is significant damage. It takes VB to tell us eh? LG Kuek was still hopeful and giving false hope that the LRT could run in the morning. Such wishfulness each time with have a major train incident, no wonder the problems keep cropping up.

Firing LG Kuek would not solve the problem, but it would clearly not make it worse either. At the very least there would be fewer calls for Hara Kiri.

Update: March 10: 9:10 am

They are obviously trying their best to bring the LRT back into service. The minister must have already been too familiar with public anger. Commuters are right to be angry. It is not just keeping the system working but maintaining our reputation. It is nice to see that LTY receive some notes of thanks and encouragement from some of us but I feel the majority should be angry and continue to press for greater accountability and transparency.


  1. KBW should come out with the hara kiri list and maybe include the former handbag CEO. Members of the public can have the honour of the final act of beheading the fall guys. Perhaps this is too much to ask, how about the incompetents slapping themselves in public, transport officials included. That will be fun.

  2. Indeed, it is time for harakiri - it is totally disgusting we have to continue to pay higher transport fees and have to face all the inconvenience of breakdowns, now fire ... what next !!! OMG!!!

  3. I am sorry, they will very much wants to make us partner to fix the issue. By us taking the blame or being labelled as over critical and that they are the genius that came out with the solution. That's partnering with the citizens.

    1. You are just as fed up with them as many of us are. Of course I wasn't thinking of the LG and his bunch leading this partnership. They aren't capable of such enlightened or maverick moves. The LG probably wouldn't even give up his bonus! No, partnership begins with an honest admission that they cannot solve the problem without our help. Repeated incidents prove this point. Let us know what is really wrong. Don't get killed by a thousand cuts which is worse than hara kiri (that's why they are damn stupid). This isn't an issue of brains either, they have more than enough of that. It is about honest courage. It is about being called rather than cliinging to a high status and lucrative career. Well for the courage they lack, they sure make up with a shameless thick skin.

  4. First step is to get someone technically competent to run the train system

    Half baked generals and taichi masters aren't going to hack it (pun intended) haha

  5. We need folk like Darkness & Co. Only they have a proven trek record of managing themselves and others under conditions of extreme stress. These people simply don't cut the grade.