Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bukit Batok Rats: Take out the roots too.

This gives new meaning to getting to the root of the problem: no more roots!

This is smacks of people in charge who are not on top of their jobs from lack of knowledge. So they over reacted.

No problem, our climate will produce a new and beautiful green cover in no time. The perception that irresponsible feeding of stray dogs was the cause will harden into fact but I am agnostic. The explanation was too quick and convenient. So the truth is still out there. Only that I believe less and less what the government tells me. Can't be helped.

It is often better to just simply admit you don't know even if you are not going to find out.


  1. Yup, the "scorched earth" method is the most expedient for them.
    Just like the many incidences, if they can't fix it or have the patience to address it thoroughly, just BAN them with laws.
    Is like littering, protesting, drumming, dissent, CPF etc. Just "unlegalise it and ban them under any pretext. Less thoughtful work for the civil servants, and they get their bonus for problem solved quickly. Why bother with hearts and minds persuading people?
    In the meantime, the peasants get more resilient and detesting, the system get less resilient.
    Bravo ....sure win recipe. Any fool can be an Emperor with no clothes on the throne.

  2. Like how Papaya TCs removed stone tables & seats in the neighbourhood

    1. to prevent people gambling and in turn deprive genuine people of place to gather or rest