Sunday, February 1, 2015

You don't want this MP: Lam Pin Min

This post as a reminder for the next GE to evaluate which PAP MPs and junior ministers have their hearts and brains in the wrong place.

The fact (I had blogged about this earlier) the temple/columbarium was successfully bidded by an ASX company when he was discussing the issue with residents, its inappropriateness didn't hit him. Well many of us did and I suppose that include many taxi drivers too whose jobs do not demand such thinking skills but are mentally agile. What the heck do I want such an MP for? He basically let the government do as it wishes. He was there to only assuage residents' unhappiness and didn't bring along his reason much less powers of persuasion with him to sell to the residents.

Now this has become clear only because the unthinkable to him has happened. In Dr. Tan Cheng Bock graphic description, Khaw Boon Wan had tried to make a U-turn look straight, but we aren't fooled, only he was until the very end when Khaw explained himself.

If you had made a mistake admit it and get on with it. There is no need to try to trivialize it by explaining it away with unacceptable mitigating factors. Lt. Gen Perceival could have also explained to London why they didn't expect the Japanese to come from the north and so the big guns pointing south were useless. This I shouldn't expect to know attitude of this government will some day sink us.

Business are like foraging ants. If there is sugar they will not stop trying until they get it. They never give up. Alas, business are far more motivated and creative than government. I can accept this happen everywhere but the standard we expect and pay for the Singapore government is much higher. Already Bilahari Kausikan rightly reminded that it is imperative Singapore be exceptional.

Lam Pin Min helms a SMC. I think we can expect him to lose his seat in the next GE. His didn't use his common sense and his heart is not with his residents. He is even more gullible than the MND which was duped without the facts which he had. So he is going to let business minded doctors run circles around him as MOS for Health?

Update: Feb 2, 10:05 am

I just got this in my email from the WSJ.

For a while now businesses do not assume more or less of the same. Instead they always look for ways to do better, which earlier in my primary post I described them as like foraging ants. Regulators cannot afford to stand still, worse assume that nothing has changed. Even worse nothing have changed for the longest time and therefore likely to remain so. In fact in the long run anything that hasn't change for a long time the probability that it will has been rising. Also those things that are always changing and volatile is at risk of becoming less to non volatile. This is how natural and human systems work.

The PAP has been in power for 50 years. Can't they feel that they have never been at risk as ever from losing elections? Khaw, Lam Pin Min and their colleagues with the wrong mindset would be their downfall. We cannot allow such complacent and third rate minds to lead us.

Update: Feb 7, 2:55 pm

This guy just bested himself before another colleague could!


  1. Massive erosion of trust and confidence in our "leaders". Complacency has crept into the system long ago when the last of the old guards left. The last straw was the the cross dressing analogy. What do they take us for? Then again, what has the co driver done?

  2. Who was it who said to call a spade a spade? Yet from the top down to the bottom, this PAP govt simply cannot admit to any mistake, front up and make an apology. Hypocrisy much!

  3. The Dr will probably be moved to another ward. Give him a chance - they would say. Talent is so scarce, ya?