Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yakiniku Rice Burger on CNY eve

The lettuce of this burger from Mos Burger I always remember it to be leafy and fresh, not dark and soggy like I had for lunch on CNY's eve.

Time was when my dad was with us, we often visit the Mos Burger outlet at Bishan for lunch after visiting my grand aunt on CNY Day One.

I haven't had the Yakiniku rice burger since my dad passed away. I usually opt for the Kakiage rice burger.

Before I bit into this burger, which used to be better, it reminded me of times when things were better. Yet in many ways life haven't become worse especially when I consider my kids do not need to tangle with the PSLE now. Every visit to Popular bookstore tells me that the stress has worsen. Not possible to compare one for one, like for like. Life is complex.

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  1. The burger just looks awful. And it is not cheap either. Life is not complex but just cheapened in quality and worsened in (monetary) value