Monday, February 16, 2015

PAP style populism: 70,000 cleaners

My conservative estimate is that we didn't even half as as many cleaners as now in the 80s and early 90s when we were much cleaner.

The 70,000 came about because of town councils and management by KPIs. Then our leaders when it suits them turn around and scold us for littering when they were trafficking us cleaners to indulge our littering habit and convenience!

See Liak Teng Lit explains the situation without offending the government. Just need to use a little bit more of brain power to fill in the missing bits, but this is harder than spotting Shamugam dumb but probably mischievous mistakes with the MA rates to nail the WP.

We are a place run by too many people whose hearts are in the wrong places. MPs are eager to win and maintain support from keeping housing estates clean. The lazy way out is to add cleaners but this created huge negative externalities in a cramped place like Singapore.


  1. in the early 2000s when travelling through the US I was quite surprised to note that our ST actually had better features, writing and English than many papers in major cities (excluding NYC). The journalistic standards of the ST are dragged down by their need to serve their political masters. They should be ashamed that the online media are better as exposes than them. Has it occurred to anyone that if our government is as good and honest as they say then no cover ups are necessary ?

    1. my exp is the exact opposite, At first I tot the online media would be liberating. but found out they spout more rubbish than the ST. At least the ST tries to be factual and justify their case, unlike the online media. hence I switched back to the ST.

      At the end of the day, I realize there is no "right or wrong" media. its only which agenda you choose to support.

  2. Above comment is in the wrong post. Should be in the one below.

  3. Many a corporation has lost its soul with all this KPI crap. Imagine running a country with KPIs - what a field day for those consultants!! And en-day for the citizens