Monday, February 9, 2015

NUS tuition fees

I have said this too many times to people, I wonder why Engineering students get a bigger grant than those in Business. You can make some simple guesses. The government want to encourage more to take up engineering which is going a begging for their share of top students.

If I were to do this all over again, I wouldn't have opted for engineering regardless of the carrots they dangle.

When it is convenient I hope to compare our numbers against foreign schools. Government (tax payers) and locals are helping to pay for the expensive UTown which is mostly not used by us.

A couple of weeks ago I heard former NMP Eugene Tan on radio explained that between two equally qualified PhDs, the foreigner get hired over the local because it help the university look international.

Like Tan Kong Yam used to say, often civil servants are over zealous. Tell them to jump one yard, they shoot for two and fall into the drain. Guess what? We have so few local academics that MOE is now trying to sponsor scholarships for Singaporeans to choose an academic career, i.e., trying to jump out of the drain back a yard.

Meanwhile my daughter complained that many of her tutors are graduate students from China and it is really hard to make out what they say in English.

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