Saturday, February 14, 2015

NUS Fees: Higher than I thought

This amount is way higher than I thought we were paying for her school fees. I thought the correct amount was $8950 per academic year. Do I multiply $4.7K by two. I got to check later. No time now but I imagine such amounts must be painful for many families. Think student loans, think servicing debt....

The next time they deduct fees again, I will come here and compare.

There must be lots of anger out there when the government dish out millions of tax payers' money for foreign scholars....


  1. Accountability? Transparency?? Shouldn't we get better showing?

  2. nay. some of my friends from low income family eventually will pay much lower than that due to grants from various organization/self-help groups (indirectly funded by the govt through its various arms). if you don't enjoy these grants, means your income is quite well-off already. Which I think is the case based on your education and age. (wow, you and your wife are nus grads right, which I think is a very impressive feat as compared to peers from your generation)