Saturday, February 14, 2015

LHL friend Najib in trouble

Najib is in trouble. See the photo, Mahathir still wields much influence. That old fox still has plenty in him.

If Najib falls what would happen to our agreements with Malaysia? Remember the father of our current PM said that at the stroke of the pen, they can confiscate our assets across the causeway.

I found it incredible that IMDB chaired by Najib could face default and not from foreigners but two local banks. You would have thought they look after their own. Perhaps Najib was too greedy.

Mahathir is a master of "say, never say". Say he is working on getting Mukhriz from MB of Kedah to PM of Malaysia eventually. Also add Khairy to the mix on the pipeline to become PM thereafter?

What do I know? I am not Malaysian and I had not crossed that causeway since 1995!

This collapsing oil price will continue to stink, bite and even kill for a while. The penultimate Black Swan for Najib and lots of surprising players.

You would have thought playing golf with Obama would have helped much but luck was not on his side. Very different outcome when GCT golfed with Clinton.

Update: Feb 16 4:15 pm

Fortunately only good friend and not best friend. You get from us less than what back home they want. We get less from you what we want but we have a deal. As for tomorrow who knows? At that time, it would be nothing personal just politics or good business.

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