Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lee Kuan Yew in ICU

Lee Kuan Yew is fighting pneumonia in SGH ICU. His son put this up on his Facebook page which I like very much.

We must distinguish these folks from leaders and as family and one of us. Responsible leadership test your faith to the limits especially if you do not believe in a higher power.

Another reason why I like this photo is that grand father and grand son is in the centre. Yipeng is his favourite grand kid which must have completely blown away many people's misconception of the man. What a contrast between him as a grandfather and national leader. They could well be two different persons. Like I just said, leadership tests your faith to the limits. Many of his early colleagues believed in a higher power and it really helped, like Dr. Goh and Hon Sui Sen. Thank God Dr. Goh didn't think we could feed the 5,000 like Jesus did but he insisted on religious knowledge in our schools which the much less wise Tony Tan later removed.

I hope he recovers soon. Many are waiting for the news of his successful discharge from SGH. I hope before Yuan Xiao.

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  1. Why is there a lapse of 17 days before they made the public announcement that their MP was in ICU and medical leave? Were they waiting for the "good news" of PM Lee medical diagnosis and pending his "successful operation"? What if PM Lee's results were negative? What LKY didn't recover from his pneumonia? Will Khaw come up with a 西遊記 Journey to the West story telling again? When were they planning to tell the public at the expense of keeping up with the face of "stability" ? Is GCT's alluding to "uncertainty" a hint towards more?