Friday, February 20, 2015

Last minute CNY marketing

Last minute I realized I had to go get some spinach. Wifey promised to do it but had forgotten that it wasn't possible for her to pick these up at the Giant hypermart downstairs her office as she had to be away to another location.

I bought these at the temporary market, surprised that they still have stocks to clear. Cost me only $2 for so many bunches. Would be nice if I could always pick up stocks cheap! You can if you are patient and always believe there is another bus coming when you miss one. That there is no such thing as the opportunity of a lifetime except in hindsight.

Most people have paid princely sums for their produce a few days before. That is the price of certainty. I was prepared to substitute this with something else.

1 comment:

  1. The pre-CNY rip-off, this year no exception. The sellers, in particular the non supermarts, would hike their prices, more often than not exorbitantly, expecting the consumer to pay up just as if it is a "seasonal must". Then when they cannot dispose the items, some of them would even be prepared to dump them away. Not just daylight robbery, a waste of resources and worst, only benefitting those who seem to have no spending issue .