Thursday, February 26, 2015

India: Preparing for 100% Hinduism

I know what this extremist Hindu leader and Narenda Modi is up to but they have to be patient because they are not powerful or wealthy enough. They want to make India completely Hindu. They are more violent toward the Muslims but they can't be as brutal with the Christians because of the excellent work of Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

So the first step is to diminish Mother Teresa's work. It is a familiar script which anti-Semites had used. They will keep trying and for as long as it takes even beyond their lifetimes, the task will be handed down to spiritual successors. India is being set up for a civil war over religin some day. Such a gifted people but also excelling in shooting themselves in the foot.

This is the sad fact of civilization. Always warring each other. A generation fought Capitalism versus Communism and duly forget that when there are no ideologies to battle over,  they will fight over religion and race.

Was Mother Teresa keen to make more Christian converts then? I think so but not in the conventional sense. With any religion, too much of today's proselytizing is about gaining converts nominally. The late mother's was after substance through the love of God. Nominal Christianity is about forms of expression e.g., like praying the sinner's prayer, attending church etc., but Real Christianity goes way beyond forms and achievements. It is about becoming a new being which the forms and achievements are only by products. True Christianity is diverse and living, Nominal Christianity is monolithic, predictable and utterly boring which is quite common giving outsiders a warped picture of the faith.

Therefore Mother Teresa didn't need to convert anyone to Christianity because she had gone beyond that. That is what the Gospel ought to be. It is irresistible because she brought the love of God to all of us.


  1. This guy is saying the same as Christopher Hitchens who had quite a bee in his bonnet about M. Teresa . Quite a shame, a gifted essayist, but a total polemicist when it came to her. They have no understanding of goodness.

  2. Mother Teresa did not go and convert anyone to christianity, least so catholicism, She sees God in every person - especially the downtrodden and desolute. People who claim they are great religious adherents usually have such a big plank in their eyes they don't see anything except themselves as being anointed and righteous. Remember when Mother Teresa brought hindus and others into her dying home and when they died, she ensured they had their respective religious burial rites performed. Would any of those righteous religious adherents have done so - there are some "christians" who would even ensure the "heathen" (anyone other than their group) would get baptised even after the dead. Check it out - some"christians" baptise the dead either with the whole corpse or otherwise!