Monday, February 16, 2015

Indeed Quiet CNY

You know ST can actually be quite good when they are not serving the PAP and especially when Warren Fernandez isn't writing. Sometimes they make mistakes, and who doesn't like inviting Kishore to write. Very often they go to NYT to make themselves look good which makes me feel that I am paying for my papers all over again as we also subscribe to the NYT.  ST pleased note that the world has changed a lot since you began syndicating NYT. Then few of us have foreign newspapers subscription. 

Yes, it has been quiet Chinese New Years for us for the past few years. This article helped me realize that we are among the growing ranks of such folks. I think it is a loss but sadly an unavoidable one. 

A trend of refusing to be politically correct has been in place for a while now. These days people look for authenticity. Visiting relations once a year whom you never see, much less talk to for the rest of the year is a painful chore. 

Update: Feb 20 2:25 pm

A friend left this on Facebook yesterday.

Yep, it was like he said but only when we were all much younger as primary school children.

Good for him that he still have them. It is over from my brother, sister and me.

Gracefully surrender what you cannot hold on to.


  1. To Pengyu and all bloggers of goodwill

    May the season's joy fill you all the year round.
    Yuàn jiérì de yúkuài bàn nín yī̠shēng.

    1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too.

    2. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too.