Sunday, February 1, 2015

Healthcare: Would our system become like the US?

I got this from an NYT article, "Medicare Payments Surge for Stents to Unblock Blood Vessels in Limbs"

I am interested and worried about this article because I wonder when our health system would become as business minded as the American one. Anecdotally we have seen the signs of that for sometime now. We are reminded that we are actively pursuing healthcare as a major revenue generator. It is a matter of time the commercial habit infect public healthcare too. More than a handful of doctors were already caught for peddling codeine laced cough syrup. There are many more less risky but irresponsible treatments they could use to maximize profits without commensurate health benefits.

During my last visit to the dentist, he was at pains indirectly trying to tell me he wasn't recommending unnecessary treatments. I surmised some patients must have felt that way and so he is preempting every patient now?

There are some very honest and responsible doctors but I am afraid their numbers are declining.

Update: 10:20pm

I just found this in the NYT which is only a couple of days after the article I shared above. Really I can't help thinking if America today is Singapore tomorrow. This government has not inspired enough confidence why it wouldn't be. In fact it would be good if Johor competes against Singapore in medical services and so put a cap on how fast and high ours could go.


  1. and prayfully we will not ape that world police nation

    just another revelation of what's not going right

    NY Judge Slams Wells Fargo For Forging Documents... And Why Nothing Will Change

    Bankruptcy judge Robert Drain of the New York Southern District has long been one of the more fascinating litigators at One Bowling Green. However, until today we though that his often outspoken style is reserved for his career caseload, which includes among it Delphi, Hostess, and RCN; little did we know that Drain is also an activist on par with the infamous Jed Rakoff (author of the infamous rhetorical essay "Why Have No High Level Executives Been Prosecuted In Connection With The Financial Crisis?" which over 1 year later still has no answer).

    Today, thanks to Zero Hedge contributor, who over the weekend noticed a critical filing in the case of Cynthia Carrsow-Franklin vs Wells Fargo, we find something stunning: in his 30-page decision (attached below), Drain accused Wells of forging, and explicitly used the word "forged", not once, not twice, but a whopping 22 times in his opinion! ......

  2. And just caught a glimpse of another article which is pretty telling. We are quite close to ape-ing that too, eh?

    Teenagers just learned what happens when you start a business in America
    by Simon Black on February 2, 2015

  3. Imagine our money face doctors ape the yanks

    The Future of Medicine? Forget Private Doctor Appointments, Group Medical Visits are Coming Michael Krieger Jan 30 2015

    According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, around 10 percent of family doctors already offer shared medical appointments, sessions that bring together a dozen or more patients with similar medical conditions to meet with a doctor for 90 minutes. With pressure from the government and insurers to bring down the cost of care while treating the increasing number of people with health insurance, patients can expect group visits to become more common. “It’s efficient. It’s economical.

    – referencing Bloomberg article: Your Next Doctor’s Visit Could Get Crowded

    1. Thanks for sharing. Fascinating experiments in patient consultation.

  4. something to watch

    Pharmaceutical Companies’ Marketing to Doctors
    (with video fm HBO)