Saturday, February 7, 2015

China getting less attached to Social Media

Wouldn't be surprised if a study is done here and elsewhere the trend would be similar. As a user I feel that way too and had already changed the way I use Facebook.

Perhaps the Chinese government have sensed the ground softening toward more control and so less senseless, stupid and divisive posts from so many hiding behind the wall of anonymity. Unlike the West they cared far less for freedom and more for jobs and material well being.

The Singapore authorities will be closely watching what they are doing. If China succeeds, they will have ideas some of us hate but if the majority feels otherwise, we will be steamrolled.

This government by and large only live by bread first. That is mostly correct especially when you discover you have lost your livelihood, but it is also wrong as it create a very unhappy people clamoring for change. Too many people find their lives not meaningful enough. They become restless and how long can they stay this way before they act unpredictably?

Link to WSJ article.

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