Saturday, February 14, 2015

AHPETC: The nub of it

Beyond the noise and heat in Parliament, Social Media and MSM everyone except the combatants know what was really going on.

The PAP has been trying over and over again to fix the WP and it might well succeed depending on how voters feel and think (not think and feel, but the two will combine eventually)

Only two things are important here.

1. AHPETC will not get the vital $7 million, a huge sum of money to run their wards. This will be very costly to residents and the WP.

2. It is not even a First World Parliament, but unheard of in the world, the WP voted for the motion. We are talking beyond First World Parliament but there is no way to communicate with voters otherwise.

The WP is committed to fixing their problem. In fact they had been working on it but needed more time because they lacked resources.

Just remember what the PAP failed to do: A better Town Council Act from decades ago. So for the past 20 years who knows what they have been doing. From the personal angle, I had lived in HDB and also non HDB housing. I remember long ago and seemingly forever I pay more for conservancy and parking than my parents at Braddell View. Then I lived in Pine Grove and I paid more too as it was not managed privately. I parked in open spaces but Braddell View had two MSCPs.

The PAP could only make others look bad at the expense of themselves because they are hypocrites. Pay And Pay make suckers out of us for the larger nebulous concept of nation. How it is that their policies are good for country but bad for the people? Don't support the PAP unless you are also sure who the sucker is. If you still don't get it, look at China. Sure incomes are rising rapidly there but the people to a far greater degree are the suckers. And who were gaining? Are you gaining more than what you put in? How much more?

I am not interested in the WP or the PAP but how other voters feel, think and act. Most important people must learn not to be suckers but even more important be patriots. For this I take my hat off to Chen Show Mao. He didn't need to do what he has done. He didn't even need to choose to be so invisible and take the shit from LKY and the PAP for the greater and longer term good. The PAP doesn't understand or know what he is up to. I could also only make guesses based on his background.


  1. You got the point right - the town council act is long overdue. Or they thought there is no need as long as they can get away with it. Let the one who sets the trap gets its own feet caught in it.

  2. Following peng you's blog for awhile, I knew peng you will be angry when pap tries to "fix" the WP. But being a former youth of WP (I am starting to wear white now), seriously I am not surprised that this would happen to the WP. I know what the WP can do, and what it cannot do.

    You always like to call Singaporeans wise voters. Being a wise voter (furthermore being a politics student), I know that Low thia kiang and the WP are only good at politicking (too good in fact), but very bad at governing. I always like to compare the WP to a rebound relationship (if you don't know it means, you can ask your teenage children or relatives for meaning. Rebounds are now the in-thing among my generation now). As long as it is a rebound party, it may enjoy certain "privileges" from Singaporeans. However, there are also disadvantages for the WP if they behave and are treaty like a rebound party. We all know that rebound relationships wont last.

    Although its quite sad to see the Wp being fixed, but that's just too bad for them for their incompetence.

    P.S: on your part about Chen Show Mao, not only you don't know what he is up to. Even the rank-and file WP people don't know what he is up to as well. Some of my WP frens are even joking that he is joining the PAP soon.

    Last but not least, happy new year to you peng you.

    1. I had expected more from the likes of Chen SM and Sylvia Lim. They are capable of more issues than bread and butter stuff. However the goodwill has gone to waste and I think this island state will see its peak with the passing of the baby boomers generation. Prepare for an exit plan and I am sure some of the MIWs have already done so.

  3. Politics is never clean. A true leader has to stand above all the dirty politics and serve the people with integrity. Sadly, we don't see many if any of such leaders around. But that does not mean there is no check and balance. It is so clear the ruling party has not been doing a good job as much as they accuse the opposition. The whole nation will stand to lose with such a state