Sunday, December 21, 2014

PM: Branded vs Neighborhood schools

The PM lauded two top scoring PSLE pupils for choosing to enroll in a neighborhood secondary school than a branded one. The question on many of our minds is this. Would he when the time comes encourage his grand children to do the same? l doubt it. If my guess is right it would be better that he had not posted those comments to Facebook. Better to leave people alone to make their choices. Better to encourage people to try and if not successful to manage their disappointment positively.
I think in the end parents must research and choose the right rather than a branded school for their children. I am quite sure RGS wouldn't be suitable for my girls. The elder girl probably won't have aced her A levels at RI and more important make the right friends and the right experience.

Update: Dec 22, 9:10 pm

I should have this in the main post but we are on holidayand blogging is the low priority.

Remember LKY didn't send the PM and his siblings to RI, ACS etc. They went to Chinese stream schools. That's was a powerful message.

Whatever happened to saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Credibility is slipping. The need to read between the lines is getting more important just like everywhere else eh?

We fly home tonight. Always better to have a real keyboard to use.

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