Thursday, December 18, 2014

Carmel Mission: A depressing place

We have been around these parts several times over the years but never visited this place. This time I had ignored my hunch and we came here yesterday.

In photos the place is beautiful but all of us feel a heavy spirit sitting on us while inside. We had to pay to get in, so might as well just look around. When we finally got out, the feeling of release and uplift was palpable.

The Forbidden City in Beijing was a more tragic place than here but we enjoyed the place and learned much. On the other hand this place feels haunted, tragic and self defeating.


  1. Does it have a tragic history ? I couldn't find much online.

    1. No, it doesn't. In fact the late John Paul II visited it on his trip to America too. But you have to get inside its buildings to feel the spirit of heaviness. There was also a picture of the imagined Christ's head which very unfortunately looked like he was decapitated! Scared the kids so much I had to explain what it was supposed to be before they would go near it.