Friday, December 26, 2014

Arriving on Christmas Eve

Landed at Changi in the early afternoon of  Christmas Eve after an exhausting holiday in the US West Coast. Never felt so glad to be home!

This trip to the US felt so different from our last one in 2011. America felt less welcoming to Asians despite the government effort to make immigration and customs more friendly, they cannot compensate for the unfriendliness you could sometimes feel on the streets. Even my famously color blind kids felt and told me about it several times. I can't help feeling the PRC Chinese have spoiled it for all of us with their deplorable anti-social habits. No wonder their President had taken to publicly scolding them on this matter.

People are much more in a hurry now and often impatient.

On the other hand we had some of our best photos on this trip in part because we finally dared to drive into Yosemite in winter. I prayed we didn't need to put on those tire chains. They were rented and I am not even sure if they would fit!

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