Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What about $$$ in Medishield Life?

I didn't understand what they are planning to do with Medishield Life after reading Today. I thought ST was clearer and My Paper was even better. But the model of clarity belongs to Bertha Henson, which cannot be clear enough simply because the source is blur!

I hate it when a minister fails to speak plainly. Do they think we are stupid. We might be confused and frustrated for a while but eventually we figure it out. True, we have no time to figure every issue they purposely made complex - they are more transparent now but they also purposely make it more complex, in order that they achieve the same effect as in the past, i.e., we aren't clearer.

Leaders who have no courage to tell the truth to my face are those I assume will also wilt under pressure. What if there is a war? These ministers will literally pee in their pants in fright. I despise such leaders.

The truth about healthcare is very simple. Either we, government (tax payers) or some charity pays. There is no real discount. Until the Americans eventually fix their system through better process and medical technology somehow what's happening there has a way of making itself felt in medical inflation all over the world. In fact they have created the same effect with university tuition fees in every open economy.

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